Benchmark: 8 Security Center


This section covers security recommendations to follow when setting various security policies on an Alibaba Cloud subscription. A security policy defines the set of controls, which are recommended for resources within the specified Alibaba Cloud subscription. Please note that the majority of the recommendations mentioned in this section only produce an alert if a security violation is found. They do not actually enforce security settings by themselves. Alerts should be acted upon and remedied wherever possible.


Install the mod:

mkdir dashboards
cd dashboards
powerpipe mod init
powerpipe mod install github.com/turbot/steampipe-mod-alicloud-compliance

Start the Powerpipe server:

steampipe service start
powerpipe server

Open http://localhost:9033 in your browser and select 8 Security Center.

Run this benchmark in your terminal:

powerpipe benchmark run alicloud_compliance.benchmark.cis_v100_8

Snapshot and share results via Turbot Pipes:

powerpipe benchmark run alicloud_compliance.benchmark.cis_v100_8 --share