Benchmark: Cyber Risk Management and Oversight (Domain 1)


Cyber risk management and oversight addresses the board of directors' (board's) oversight and management's development and implementation of an effective enterprise-wide cybersecurity program with comprehensive policies and procedures for establishing appropriate accountability and oversight.


Install the mod:

mkdir dashboards
cd dashboards
powerpipe mod init
powerpipe mod install github.com/turbot/steampipe-mod-aws-compliance

Start the Powerpipe server:

steampipe service start
powerpipe server

Open http://localhost:9033 in your browser and select Cyber Risk Management and Oversight (Domain 1).

Run this benchmark in your terminal:

powerpipe benchmark run aws_compliance.benchmark.ffiec_d_1

Snapshot and share results via Turbot Pipes:

powerpipe benchmark run aws_compliance.benchmark.ffiec_d_1 --share