Benchmark: System Development Life Cycle (SA-3)


The organization manages the information system using organization-defined system development life cycle, defines and documents information security roles and responsibilities throughout the system development life cycle, identifies individuals having information security roles and responsibilities and integrates the organizational information security risk management process into system development life cycle activities.


Install the mod:

mkdir dashboards
cd dashboards
powerpipe mod init
powerpipe mod install github.com/turbot/steampipe-mod-aws-compliance

Start the Powerpipe server:

steampipe service start
powerpipe server

Open http://localhost:9033 in your browser and select System Development Life Cycle (SA-3).

Run this benchmark in your terminal:

powerpipe benchmark run aws_compliance.benchmark.nist_800_53_rev_4_sa_3

Snapshot and share results via Turbot Pipes:

powerpipe benchmark run aws_compliance.benchmark.nist_800_53_rev_4_sa_3 --share