Benchmark: BP02 Grant least privilege access


It's a best practice to grant only the access that identities require to perform specific actions on specific resources under specific conditions. Use group and identity attributes to dynamically set permissions at scale, rather than defining permissions for individual users. Users should only have the permissions required to do their job. Users should only be given access to production environments to perform a specific task within a limited time period, and access should be revoked once that task is complete. Permissions should be revoked when no longer needed, including when a user moves onto a different project or job function. Administrator privileges should be given only to a small group of trusted administrators. Permissions should be reviewed regularly to avoid permission creep. Machine or system accounts should be given the smallest set of permissions needed to complete their tasks.


Install the mod:

mkdir dashboards
cd dashboards
powerpipe mod init
powerpipe mod install github.com/turbot/steampipe-mod-aws-well-architected

Start the Powerpipe server:

steampipe service start
powerpipe server

Open http://localhost:9033 in your browser and select BP02 Grant least privilege access.

Run this benchmark in your terminal:

powerpipe benchmark run aws_well_architected.benchmark.well_architected_framework_sec03_bp02

Snapshot and share results via Turbot Pipes:

powerpipe benchmark run aws_well_architected.benchmark.well_architected_framework_sec03_bp02 --share