Benchmark: 1 IAM


IAM enables you to securely authenticate users for platform services and control access to resources consistently across IBM Cloud. A set of IBM Cloud services is enabled to use IBM Cloud IAM for access control, and are organized into resource groups within your account so you can give users access quickly to more than one resource at a time. Each of these services is labeled as "IAM-enabled" in the catalog. You can use IAM access policies to assign users and service IDs access to resources within your account. And, you can group users and service IDs into an access group to easily give all members of the group the same level of access.


Install the mod:

mkdir dashboards
cd dashboards
powerpipe mod init
powerpipe mod install github.com/turbot/steampipe-mod-ibm-compliance

Start the Powerpipe server:

steampipe service start
powerpipe server

Open http://localhost:9033 in your browser and select 1 IAM.

Run this benchmark in your terminal:

powerpipe benchmark run ibm_compliance.benchmark.cis_v100_1

Snapshot and share results via Turbot Pipes:

powerpipe benchmark run ibm_compliance.benchmark.cis_v100_1 --share